13 Course Bapsang

Bapsang (밥상) means a table at which meals are enjoyed. The word Bapsang is made up of two words bap (cooked rice) and sang (table). The typical Korean table consists of rice, soup or stew, and several side dishes. We have specially curated a well balanced handmade 13 course Bapsang consisting of rice, soup, pancake, vegetables, mushroom, pickles, tofu, seaweed and finger food. As the 13 course Bapsang requires immense time and effort to prepare, we might not be able to take in last minute orders. Menu is fully vegan and contain no alliums.

Orders will only be delivered under the following slots : 11am – 2pm & 5pm-8pm
ETA will be provided to you 4 hours before lunch/dinner timings.
In the unlikely event of disruption in supplies, another item of similar value will be substituted.
Cutlery (Chopsticks and spoons) will not be provided.

You are strongly encouraged to order in advanced.

About our packaging :

Good for the planet

BioPak compastable packaging is made form plants, not plastic. We use responsibly-sourced, rapidly-renewable materials instead of finite fossil fuel resources – like those used to create conventional single-use plastic packaging.

This packaging is carbon neutral : from resourcing to manufacturing, delivery to disposal. BioPak donate 5% of their profits to environmental restoration initiatives with Rainforest Recuse (Australia), Forest & Bird (New Zealand), and community programs in conjunction with their charity partners regionally.